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Sokoban for Windows
is now


Version 3.0 (build nr. 186, 2000/02/15)

¯ About SokoMind
¯ Download & how to install SokoMind
¯ Special Level - updated 2000/01/30
¯ Additional levels - updated 2000/01/30
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About SokoMind

SokoMind is a Sokoban-like game where you have to move boxes across corridors into target squares. You can only push one single box at a time, and you are not able to pull boxes. But: This is not as easy as it may sound...

SokoMind is distributed as freeware. More about this in the readme file.  

System requirements: Windows 95/98, 640x480 pixels, at least 256 colors.  


  • 60 unique levels
  • Solve the puzzles in any order
  • Keyboard or mouse operation
  • Take back as many moves as you like
  • Download hundreds of addidtional levels by various authors from this site
  • Preview external levels in the load dialog box
  • Create your own levels with the built-in editor
  • Play levels mirrored, upside down or rotated
  • Replay movies of all your solved levels, continue playing your own game from each movie position on
  • Use your own background images (if video mode is set to more than 256 colors)
  • Listen to comforting wind chime sounds in the background
And all of this for free...  

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Download & How to Install SokoMind
  1. Download the self-extracting archive (692,657 bytes), start sokomd30.exe in order to begin the installation process and follow the instructions. (Note: If you have downloaded the program prior to Feb. 16, you might have encountered problems with wrong shortcuts in the start menu created by the install program. This bug has been fixed now, Feb. 16, 17:25 UTC).

    Download from German site Download from home.newsfactory.net

  2. Start the program from the start menu
  3. To uninstall the program, use the uninstall dialog in Windows control panel / software.

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Special Level  

by Kevin B. Reilly

February 14 = Valentines Day

Happy Valentine



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Additional Levels

Here, you can download additional levels, readily formatted as .XSB files for this SokoMind version. You can load them into the game selecting "load external level ..." in the "file" menu.

Author Levels Download Preview Updated Note
Gerald Holler 8 download preview 1999/08/22  
Kostas Bozeberg 16 download preview 1999/07/21  
Manuel Correa 5 download preview 1999/12/28  
Jacques Duthen (Sokogen) 78 download preview 1999/11/01  
Jacques Duthen (D&Y) - N/A preview -  
Yoshio Murase handmade (all) 42 download preview 1999/11/01 1.
Yoshio Murase handmade (latest) 1 download N/A 1999/11/01 1.
Yoshio Murase auto-generated 52 download preview (closed) 2.
František Pokorny 6 download preview 1999/11/11  
Kevin B. Reilly (series 1) 100 download preview (closed)  
Kevin B. Reilly (series 2) 100 download preview (closed)  
Kevin B. Reilly (series 3) 100 download preview 2000/01/30  
Kobus Theron 107 download preview 1999/12/19  
Variations of XSokoban 6 download preview (closed) 3.
  1. The levels marked "1." and "2." are made available with kind permission of Yoshio Murase. On his Sokoban Page (cf. Links ), he regularly publishes the "level of the week". Great stuff.
  2. Before presenting the current series of handmade levels, Yoshio Murase published his famous computer generated levels. All of them are small, only 8 x 8 squares, and have only three boxes, but finding the correct solution can be very difficult.
The 50 'original levels' or variations of them can no longer be found on this website. They are commercial levels and are copyright Thinking Rabbit Inc., Japan.

All levels on this site are copyrighted work of the named authors. If you want to publish them on your website, you need the copyright holder's permission.

If you have designed your own levels using the edit mode and are looking for an opportunity to share them with others, I am glad to publish them here if you send them to me via e-mail. Please include the solution to make sure the puzzle is solvable. Do not send me levels which you have downloaded from other webpages, I am only interested in original mazes which you have made by your own effort.

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  • Yoshio's Sokoban Page (Yoshio Murase)

    A page in Japanese and English with links to other Sokoban related pages. This is the page where Yoshio's additional levels are published before they are available on this site.

  • XSokoban Home Page

    XSokoban is a program for the XWindows system (Unix). XSokoban can be played online. Highscores are saved and can be looked at on this page.
    You also can download the source code for XSokoban from there and compile it. There are no versions for DOS or Windows.

  • Twink's Sokoban link

    A collection of numerous links to Sokoban programs for various operating systems.

  • Homepage of Scott Lindhurst

    Scott Lindhurst has developed a well known Sokoban program for the Macintosh. On his homepage there are also links to Sokoban programs for other operating systems and you can find a lot of levels there.

  • Sokoban Homepage of Andreas Junghanns

    More information and a lot of scientific publications about Sokoban by Andreas Junghanns and Jonathan Schaeffer

    Pushing the Limits: New Developments in Single-Agent Search
    Sokoban - A Challenging Single-Agent Search Problem
    Sokoban: Evaluating Standard Single-Agent Search Techniques in the Presence of Deadlock
    Single Agent Search in the Presence of Deadlocks
    and others -- in Postscript format.

  • Sokoban by Björn Källmark

    Another Windows 95/98 version with nice features.

  • Robert Vasicek's Sokoban Links

    The most complete link list.

  • Remark:

    No responsibility is taken for the contents of the linked pages .

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