John P. Najarian, Ph.D. in Computer Science (Homepage)  

 Course Materials (for courses taught or in progress)
CS 1300  Intro Programming in Visual BASIC
CS 2010  Computer and Info Technology 
CS 2100  Web Page and Site Design  
CS 2120  Fund Comp Graphics & Game Constr 
CS 2150  Computer and Info Tech for Educators 
CS 2300  Computer Science I  
CS 2350  Fundamentals of Computer Hardware
CS 2400  Computer Science II 
CS 2550  Foundations of Information Systems  
CS 2600  Discrete Structures
CS 2800  Computer and Assembler Language
CS 3350  Fundamentals of Computer Networking
CS 3380  Fund Networking & Net-Centric Comp
CS 3400  System Administration 
CS 3410  Digital Logic & Computer Org 
CS 3420  Data Structures  
CS 3450  Operating Systems  
CS 3500 
Software Engineering 
CS 3720  Design & Analysis of Algorithms 
CS 3820  Programming Languages
CS 4020  Numerical Methods 
CS 4040  Computer Simulation 
CS 4100  Artificial Intelligence
CS 4200  Compiler Construction
CS 4300  Data Comm & Computer Networks
CS 4400  Database Management
CS 4410  Computer Architecture
CS 4450  Theory of Computation
CS 4610  Computer Graphics
CS 4700  Cloud Computing
CS 4800  Computer Science Seminar

CS 610 (NJIT Graduate Course)  
                Data Structures and Algorithms
Math 2020 (1999)
  Linear Algebra
WPU 1010  First Year Seminar 

Summer Camp 212  Game Programming
Summer Camp 213  Java Programming

Selected Topics:
CS 3990  ST: (Network & Distrib. O.S., 1995)
CS 3990  ST: (Game Programming, 2005)
CS 3990  ST: (Net-Centric Computing, 2010-2012)
CS 3990  ST:  (Cloud Computing, 2015 & 2016)
CS 2350  Fortran Programming
CS 2500  C, Unix, and Software Design
CS 2700  Computer Statistical Techniques
CS 3300  Linear Prog. & Operations Research
CS 4620  System Simulation (Disc. & Cont.)

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Office:   Science Hall East 5022  (Come, visit, stay a while, ...)
Phone:   973-720-2960 (Email is faster, reliable & documented.  Avoid voice-mail tag.)
FAX:      973-720-2973  (Only for departmental work)


Note that meetings and other faculty responsibilities may cause an occasional deviation
from this timetable. 
Meetings often occur on Tues.  & Thurs. at 12:30-1:45PM.
Use this schedule to avoid known conflicting activities (as a necessary condition).
Also, before or after a class session, genuinely-urgent issues could be addressed


Theory of Computation
    1. computational complexity  (abstract, middle-level, and "some" low-level)
    2. models of computation 
    3. computability (0' and above)
    4. formal languages (not the applied area)
Artificial Intelligence
    1. syntactic pattern recognition  & higher grammars 
    2. logic programming    
    3. representation & search strategies
    4. alternate computational models (connectionist and neural net models)
    5. automated theorem proving
Computer Graphics
    1. generative models     
    2. L-systems, fractals, and other abstract representations    
    3. computer game design
    4. ... 

Algorithmics (Analysis (first) and Design) and Modelling

Other Interests:  Operations Research,  other areas of Computer Science,
                             Mathematics (Algebra, not Analysis), Sciences in general, Reading, ...

Ponderings and rules by which to live:

The word "should" embodies a spectrum of semantics.

Reversing time could correct the past but consider achieving the equivalent by living forward optimally.  
Each moment leads to infinitely many next states and therefore equipollent quantum realities, so choose wisely.
The triumph of foresight over regret avoids the paradoxes and saves both effort and anguish.

As the R.E. is the limit of the recursive, so in seeking virtue to the limit is perfection. 
Study without bound and be rewarded bountifully.    Do Good to all and do it well. 

When faced with the opportunity to make a false boast, instead, make that statement a reality and then nothing need be said.  

Happiness is a state of mind.  Stop trying to seek it as a causal consequence of externalities. 
Just choose to be happy.  No effort is required.   Was it so hard to just smile and avoid stress's medical  and analyst's bills. 

 In the final analysis, mind prevails over matter... unless you choose otherwise. 

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